Links: Persuasion, Computers, Meditation, and more!

  • More about mainframes.
  • On persuasion. Might give this one a read
  • Cloud based dev environments. Could be. After years working at a company which had a self hosted stack built predominantly in-house, I’m now at a company which uses a standard 2022 k8s/docker/helm + python/go/ts + grafana/influx + etc stack. It’s overwhelming how many layers of different open source projects are out there. I’m interested in understanding what the strengths versus weaknesses of a stack as complex as this are, and in paving over the annoying extraneous complexities. Making this all worse is a split between the x86 and ARM/M1 ecosystems, where things (especially older versions of things) aren’t mutually cross-compatible.
  • Chip scaling into the 2030s and beyond. It seems like tools (like this one, and this one) that make it easy to reason about concurrency and multithreading will be really important in an increasingly multiprocessor future. With the end of the Laws (Moore’s, Denard’s, Ahmdal’s…) a lot of the antiperformant stuff (what Emery Berger calls the Irrational Exuberance Languages) will have to be readdressed.
  • Focus means saying no to good ideas. In a software team I’ve found it’s really tempting to say yes to everything and to at least want to try to do everything in every direction.
  • Not Everyone Should Have A Say. I’m skeptical of those who find this essay controversial
  • Man in cave. Captivating youtube historical documentary about a man trapped in a cave
  • Polyphia – Ego Death ft Steve Vai. Polyphia is amazing
  • Airport runways are aligned with prevailing winds
  • Twitter thread about where copper comes from. We’ll need several times as much copper, nickel, aluminum, etc as we mine today in order to shift to solar+batteries. Not even considering rare earths and conflict metals. My hope is still in 4th gen nuclear reactors, but everything will depend on learning curves. Plus, as prices change markets should shift to pick up the slack
  • Jhana, jhana highlights, jhana lite , jhana insight, jhana response. Jhana book and another jhana book

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